Calling All Butterflies - Spread Your Wings!

April 07, 2017

Calling All Butterflies - Spread Your Wings!

Some think of the butterfly as a messenger from the spirit world, others think of them as carriers of our wishes. Their ability to turn from one creature into another is almost magical. These wonders of nature are often used as motifs in jewelry. For those of us who appreciate detail and fine design techniques the butterfly is a constant inspiration.


Labradorite and Peridot Butterfly Pin

 Acceptance of Change

As a symbol of transformation and acceptance of change in one’s life, butterflies teach us that change is inevitable. It can be exciting, overwhelming, and sometimes even scary. They teach us to be positive and let go of things when need be. They symbolize the strength one needs to face challenges and embrace change.

Labradorite Butterfly Pendant

Labradorite and Iolite Pendant


The butterfly also symbolizes patience. They set a beautiful example by showing us their unwavering acceptance of metamorphosis, which is symbolic of faith and teaches us to prepare for the unknown.

Lapis Butterfly Gemstone Link Pendant

Lapis Butterfly Gemstone Link Bracelet

Freedom, Love & Beauty

The butterfly is free and enjoys its short life at its own pace. It teaches us openness and that we can make whatever we want of our lives. They foster feelings of happiness and are a constant reminder of how beautiful and fascinating nature is.

Butterfly Pendant

Did you go through a transformation of your own recently? Are you planning to, in the near future? Commemorate it! Celebrate change and wear a butterfly of your own.