Be Bold and Brave- Discover Snake Symbolism in Jewelry

May 02, 2017

Be Bold and Brave- Discover Snake Symbolism in Jewelry

A pendant inspired by the symbolism of the serpent.

We know snakes aren’t for everyone, but for the passionate, brave, and wise among us, jewelry with snake symbolism might be just the perfect accessory. Throughout different cultures and mythologies, the symbol of the snake has come to mean many things. Snakes ponder their actions before every move representing their wisdom. Moving close to the earth, they symbolize the importance of staying grounded during changes.


Various shades of green peridot.

Peridot comes in all shades of green and they remind us of the rebirth of spring. These colours evoke the feeling of nature and newness of the season. Just like how a snake sheds their skin, they remind us to let go of the negativity of the past and let in light for a bright future. Symbolizing passion and staying true to our desires, Peridot reminds us to embrace the changes in our lives. 

Freshwater Pearls

A clam holding a pearl.

While the Peridot reminds us to embrace the new, Freshwater Pearls remind us of the importance of integrity and loyalty. Striking the perfect balance, Pearls remind us that transformation takes time and to be patient with ourselves as we pursue change.