The Colours of Kyanite

April 25, 2018

The Colours of Kyanite

Kyanite was named in 1789 by Gemologist, Abraham Werner after the Greek word “Kyanos” meaning blue (the most common colour of Kyanite). T  The oldest common name of Kyanite was once “Disthene” meaning two strengths.

Kyanite is not a gemstone that you will frequently see in a standard jewelry store.  Kyanite can be considered an “exotic” or “non-traditional” gemstone as it is usually found in artisan jewelry stores or with mineral and gemstone dealers. Because of the structure of Kyanite skilled gemstone cutters are required when cutting and shaping these gemstones.

Most jewelry quality Kyanite is the colour blue. Other colours of Kyanite available from Himalayan Gems are, green and orange. Some pieces of Kyanite are considered pleochroic, meaning that they can appear as different colours when viewed from different angles.

Blue Kyanite

Shades of blue Kyanite range in colour from a light translucent blue, similar to that of Blue Topaz to darker shade which can resemble the colour of a blue sapphire



Green Kyanite

From a metaphysical perspective, green Kyanite honors the Greek Goddess of Spring, Persephone. In Feng Shui, green Kyanite represents the energy of the wood element. This energy channels growth, newbeginnings, family health and abundance.

Orange Kyanite

Of all of the colours of Kyanite, orange is the most recent colour to be discovered.

Metaphysical Properties Associated with Kyanite

- Kyanite is classified as a crystal that does not require any cleansing of energy.

- Believed to have a calming effect and to help with deeper meditative states.

- Said to promote positive communication and encourages self-expression

- Kyanite’s frequency encourages one to look inward to find integrity and purpose.