Birthstones & Birth Flowers – The Mother’s Day Gift Guide

April 20, 2017

Birthstones & Birth Flowers – The Mother’s Day Gift Guide

We all know moms are wired to say that spending time together is the ultimate gift for them. That doesn’t mean she won’t appreciate semi-precious stones, pretty prints or intoxicating scents.

This goes for basically anyone! Who wouldn’t appreciate a thoughtful, meaningful gift? We exchange gifts to celebrate people, and as a token of our gratitude to them for being in our lives and sticking by our side in this journey. We value their presence and these feelings should be translated through the gifts we choose for them. No pressure, right!?

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and it’s the perfect occasion to surprise mom, a mommy best friend or yourself with a well thought-out present! Forget all the DIY’s and gift guides, we suggest that you stick to the classics – flowers and gems! Timeless jewellery for an endless bond of love, paired with a beautiful bouquet of flowers will make anyone’s day. Here’s how you can make it even more special.

Roses and gems

Flowers have been given as gifts since time immemorial. It is believed that the Roman Gods celebrated birthdays by decorating their altars with flowers, which were specific to each month. This led to the origin of birth month flowers.


Birthstones were believed to represent the beauty and positivity within us and strengthen our characters. Tying birthstones with birth flowers make a spectacular gift. It reflects that you know the person well enough and care enough to pick a gift that is very close to them. And mothers deserve nothing less than that.

Here are all the birthstones and birth flowers associated with them.

January - Garnet - Carnation

Garnet and Carnations

 February - Amethyst - Violet

Violet and Amethyst

March - Aquamarine - Daffodil

Aquamarine and Daffodil

April - Crystal - Daisy

Crystals and Daisy

May - Emerald - Lily of the Valley

Emerald and lily

June - Pearl - Rose

Pearls and Roses

July - Ruby - Water Lily

Water lily and ruby

August - Peridot - Poppy

Poppies and Peridot

 September - Sapphire - Aster

Sapphire and Asters

October - Opal - Calendula

Opal and Calendula

 November - Topaz - Chrysanthemum

Topaz and Chrysanthemums

December - Turquoise - Holly

Turquoise and Holly

It’s time to celebrate the woman who does it all, with a thoughtful gift just for her. Happy Mother’s Day!