• I received my jewellery and I just had to email you and Andrew to let you know how thrilled I am with the items!

    I own a lot of pieces from Himalayan Gems and I'm running out of space to keep them all.  

    Felicia S.

  • I just love this line of jewellery, I would recommend it to anyone due to

    quality of gemstones and wonderful silver work, I have many pieces!  

    Vera P.

  • HG makes the most unique jewelry that always brings gasps and

    compliments when I wear it out! It is instant glamour when you have HG on!  

    Celeste P.

  •  Love all the pieces that I own from your company NO Regrets, want / buying more.  

    Linda J.T. 

  •  My jewelry box is over-flowing with gorgeous pieces of Himalayan Gems.  

    Sally C.

  • Absolutely outstanding! I never would have ordered either of these stones from anyone but Andrew!

    The labradorites are top notch. Lots of flash. Not dull.

    And the moonstone!   Silverwork enchanting!  Himalayan Gems does not disappoint!  

    Namaste, –Dawn W.