Hand Sanitizers and Jewellery Care

June 28, 2021

Hand Sanitizers and Jewellery Care

How to keep your jewellery safe while taking care of yourself during the pandemic and moving forward.

Hand sanitizers and antibacterial soaps don’t just keep you safe, they could be damaging your jewellery.

Alcohol based hand sanitizers can cause damage to sterling silver and gemstones, such as a loss of shine and/or premature tarnishing.

The chlorine-based chemicals found in alcohol-free hand sanitizers cause the most damage to the surface of your jewellery, through tarnish, dullness, and surface damage caused by corrosion to the silver and gemstones. Also, these chemicals can loosen prong settings over time through weakening the silver, especially the smaller more delicate areas.

To save your jewellery remember:

Remove your jewellery (even your bracelets) while washing and drying your hands.

Remove your jewellery (even your bracelets) while sanitizing your hands and let the sanitizer dry fully before putting your jewellery back on.

Finally - do not forget that moisturizer is great for your hands, not so great for your jewellery.  Let your hand cream absorb as much as possible before wearing your rings.