About Us - OLD


Since 1983 Himalayan Gems has worked with groups of independent, hereditary master silversmiths, gemstone cutters and beaders who use only traditional techniques perfected over centuries. The ancestors of these craftspeople worked for centuries under royal patronage creating fabulous examples of the jewelers’ art.

Our silver jewelry is produced in Kathmandu, Nepal and Jaipur, India. These ancient cities have been centers of jewelry making since time immemorial. The rulers of these ancient kingdoms were legendary jewelry collectors and built up extensive communities of gemstone production and fine jewelry making. Today we work with the descendants of these incredible craftspeople who have the ability to turn pure sterling silver and gemstones into magnificent pieces of jewelry while at the same time delivering excellent value.

We also work with an incredible group of women who make fabulous creations in Czech glass seed beads. Known in Nepal as potay beads we have adapted the traditional skills of these beaders to create modern designs that are a reflection of the most current design trends.


Based in Toronto, Canada we travel the world working with our long-time suppliers and appearing on television in the USA (HSN), Canada (The Shopping Channel), Italy and UK (QVC). All of our customer service is done from the office in Toronto and our staff are empowered do deal with your questions and concerns any time during regular working hours. Emails are responded to by the end of the next working day.

The jewelry we produce incorporates hand crafting of the highest caliber, modern design that incorporates design elements from all ages and fine gemstones that we source from all over the world. It is jewelry with distinctive handmade elements that we like to think of as classic – pieces that can be worn for generations without falling out of fashion. Pieces made to stand the test of time and to retain their value as time goes by.

Our goals are to provide modern women with unique pieces of handmade jewelry while helping to promote the preservation of ancient jewelry-making skills that risk being overwhelmed in today’s fast changing world. It is your patronage that helps keep these craftspeople doing the work of their ancestors while often making a living that is far beyond that of their neighbors.


We work closely with these craft people and understand the intense pride and passion that goes into each and every piece that we sell. Making jewelry is not only an excellent way for these men and women to support their families and prosper but it is also a proud heritage often goes back 100’s of years.

Corporate Responsibility


Himalayan Gems has stayed true to its founding principal over the past 30 years – doing business in an ethical and honest manner. We believe in business relationships that are based on mutual trust and respect. In Asia this has meant working in partnership with traditional craftspeople while helping them to develop business skills that will help them remain relevant in today’s fast paced world. In North America and Europe this has meant offering a product that we stand behind 100% and always treating our employees with respect.

Over the past 30 years we have maintained our independence as a small business and have actively sought out partners in Nepal and India who produce their jewelry, gems and beads in the traditional way. This means that our jewelry is not produced in factories but in small workshops where family relationships and traditional values are held dear.


The workers producing our jewelry are all adults and it is often not until after high school that your people are taken on as apprentices on the long journey to becoming a master jeweler or gem cutter. Once they attain that status they can earn a living far beyond that of their fellow countrymen and it is not unusual for a workshop owner to send his children abroad for their university education.